Artist Bio


Mar­jorie Fid­dler taught her­self to weave over thirty years ago, using a large floor loom stored in the occu­pa­tional ther­apy depart­ment of a Boston hos­pi­tal. Weav­ing books pro­vided excel­lent dia­grams, cal­cu­la­tions, and detailed instruc­tions. Pre-industrial mechan­i­cal devices were man­age­able and fun. A com­pli­cated over­shot cov­er­let pat­terned after an early colo­nial exam­ple was one of her first projects.

Work, fam­ily, space, and time pres­sures first lim­ited and then totally dis­placed weav­ing. Tex­tile addic­tion was still a major force and had to be sat­is­fied by knit­ting, cre­at­ing patch­work quilts, and admir­ing the work of others.

In 2005 Mar­jorie returned to weav­ing, first tak­ing a course at the Weav­ing Works in Seat­tle, and then join­ing the Seat­tle Weavers’ Guild. Speak­ers and work­shops orga­nized through the guild pro­vide ongo­ing edu­ca­tion and chal­lenge, and tal­ented col­leagues pro­vide sup­port and encour­age­ment. Marjorie’s ongo­ing inter­est has been weav­ing rugs, many of which are show­cased in the portfolio.


Satin Diamonds

 Com­plex Weavers 2014

Yardage “Satin Diamonds”

juried into Com­plex­ity 2014

Twill Yardage

ANWG Con­fer­ence 2013

Twill Yardage awarded the Nell Steeds­man Award for Tech­ni­cal Excel­lence, spon­sored by the Guild of Cana­dian Weavers.


Long Vest


ANWG Con­fer­ence 2013

Vest in block satin weave awarded Sec­ond Place in

Best Inspi­ra­tion from a For­eign Coun­try / Culture.





ANWG Con­fer­ence 2011

Best of Show awarded to Fiddler’s rug,



ANWG Con­fer­ence 2009

Sec­ond Place awarded to Fiddler’s rug,“Reflections.”

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