The pleasures of having a website!

Wait­ing for inspiration…

I can’t believe I actu­ally have a web­site of my own. (Almost as impor­tant as a room of one’s own.)

Putting up a site and start­ing a blog at the same time feels some­what like the image to the right — every­thing else gets aban­doned for a time while I work out the next few inches.

An immense thank you to all who helped me weave the threads together to arrive at this point! Please enjoy look­ing around, espe­cially at the detailed level of mag­ni­fi­ca­tion in the portfolio.

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7 Responses to The pleasures of having a website!

  1. admin says:

    Glad you’re excited! 😉

  2. suzanne says:

    Wow, This is a great web­site. It really reflects you. I love your bio, the process of weav­ing is great ( peo­ple can see the amount of work and plan­ning needed). The per­sonal pic­tures are also fab­u­lous to know who you are as a per­son. Oh, LOGO is per­fect!!! can you pick and pick that?????? any­way you once again hit the mark so all the stress and work was well worth it! suzanne

  3. Judy Drake says:

    Marjy! Its so beau­ti­ful and inspired. I love the weav­ing of your weav­ings! When do I get to see your studio?

  4. Jim Ewins says:

    Well done Marjy!

  5. Tamara Green says:

    Your rugs and your web­site are both beau­ti­ful. So nice to meet you tonight!

  6. So cool, Marjy! I love the pho­tos of you at work, and the descrip­tion of the process. And your rugs are beau­ti­ful — earthy and intel­li­gent. I hope to have Pygora goats some­time this year…we’re still work­ing on infrastructure…and then I, too, might check out the weav­ing world. I’ll look for future blogs you post on Face­book.…! Con­grat­u­la­tions on cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful website. :)

  7. esnault marie says:

    Coucou Marjy! Ton site est déjà inter­na­tional! Je le fais suivre à mes copines de France! Bises
    Il est mag­nifique et d’emploi aisé. Il y a juste ce qu’il faut et les pho­tos sont splen­dides! (nous l’avions déjà dit mais il faut l’écrire noir sur blanc!)